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1. Who or what influenced you to apply to Syracuse University?


译稿:My knowledge about Syracuse University first came from a TOEFL teacher. At that time, I was interested in study abroad, and hence asked him about the universities in the States. He recommended Syracuse University since quite a lot of his students studied there and they spoke highly of the teaching and environment in Syracuse. According to the teacher, I learned that Syracuse University is a very famous private university, which has excellent teaching proficiency and perfect teaching facilities, especially in public management, which has the first ranking nationally. Although I can only pursue it in post graduate, I do believe such resources and environment will have positive influence on me to some extent. In addition, Syracuse University boasts time-honored history, a wealth of stories, and many distinguished alumni - such as the current U.S. Vice President Biden. All of these are attractive to me. The geographical location of Syracuse University is a bonus. I like cities with natural scenery, and Syracuse with clear four seasons, is my ideal choice of study and life.


2. Who is the person you dream of becoming and how do you believe Syracuse University can help you achieve this?


译稿:The person I want to become the most is me. The reasons are as follows. First, the success cannot be copied. Not everyone can become a Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. Even with the same growth environment, people still go different ways. Second, being yourself is the biggest joy in the life. Since I was little, my parents told me to do what I like. Do not forget who you are or what you should de because you envy other people's achievements. This is my life goal - to go my own way. However, I am deeply confused right now because I cannot figure out what I am fit to do. Though I have some ideas, I need the opportunity to learn and to try. Syracuse University has excellent teachers, students from various countries and regions, and plenty of teaching resources. I believe that it will be able to give me the very opportunities, and finally enable me to figure out the suitable direction and get somewhere someday.

3. If you have had work experience, what skills and/or knowledge did you gain?


译稿:I had an experience of sales in the flea market, which had allowed me to learn how to communicate with people. At that time, our community set up a flea market to let someone sell or exchange obsolete items. Because I am quite a persuasive talker, the organizer asked me to be a promoter of one public booth. To begin with, I tried to sell all the goods as soon as possible to prove myself, so I did my best to persuade everyone to buy one thing or another, by making them believe they need these things. But it turned out the efforts never paid off. I barely sold anything in my booth. As a result, I found out that trying to change people’s mind in a short time was very difficult, so I changed my strategy. I asked people what they wanted when they passed by, and recommended items according to their needs. For customers who were just cheking, I tried to be brief with them, and focused on those who have strong intention of purchase. Soon after, I sold out the goods on my booth. I realize that only by putting myself in other people’s shoes can I reach my own goals.

4. Our mission of Scholarship in Action, education for the world in the world, extends beyond the classroom to include engagement opportunities with our campus community, the City of Syracuse, and locations across the globe. Based on your interests, tell us what real-world experiences you might pursue during your education at Syracuse as part of this mission.

原文:说到real-world experience,我觉得我最想体会的就是美国的文化。我出生在中国,在我们的国家,学生们的主要任务是努力学习,取得优异的成绩。虽然现在中国的教育已经越来越受到西方的影响,开始更加重视学生的综合素质,并且鼓励学生参加更多的课外活动,但我想,如果真的想了解西方的文化,还是得亲自去看一看。美国这一西方文化的代表自然成了我留学的首选。事实上,我最期待的就是亲身去体验美国学生的学习和生活状态。雪城是一座很理想的城市,她并不喧闹,可是却比邻纽约和波士顿这样的文化中心,而且雪城四季鲜明,湖光山色,正是我潜心学习,开阔视野,以及享受学生生活的最佳选择。我想我会在认真完成学业的同时,参加一两个社团。最好是跟摄影或者话剧有关的,摄影能够让我用镜头记录我在雪城的见闻,而话剧则能够让我交到更多的朋友。我希望我在雪城大学不仅能够学到有用的知识,还能够增进对于西方文化的了解。

译稿:With regard to the real-world experience, what I want to experience the most is the American culture. I was born in China. In my country, the main task of the student is to work hard and to achieve high grades. Although the western influence in China's education is more and more prominent nowadays, meaning increasing effort to cultivate the overall capability of students and encourage students to participate in more extracurricular activities, I think that if someone really wants to understand western cultures, they must go to see for themselves. America, which typically represents the western culture, naturally became my first choice of overseas study. In fact, I most look forward to experiencing the study and life of American students. Syracuse is an ideal city. She is not noisy but near cultural centers such as New York and Boston. Besides, Syracuse has clear four seasons, and beautiful lakes and mountains, which is my best choice to work hard, to open my mind, and to enjoy the student life. I think that besides pursuing education there, I would attend one or two societies, better be those related to photography or drama. Photography will help me capture the life in Syracuse, and drama will enable me to make more friends. I hope I will not only learn useful knowledge at Syracuse University, but also improve the understanding of the western culture.


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