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一位客户在PS的翻译问题上出现了问题,他根据学校的PS (Personal Statement)要求写了1000多个中文汉字,希望能交付给我们金笔佳文进行翻译,关于PS的要求和其留学申请PS的翻译稿见下文。如果您有留学个人陈述翻译,请放心交付给我们!

Personal Statement(PS)翻译样稿

客户申请者学校的PS (Personal Statement)要求(标黄的文字为客户的原文,标红的文字为金笔佳文翻译的译文)

A personal statement of no more than 1,000 words which outlines relevant prior study, work experience and motivation to undertake the program. This should include evidence of your interest in design and aptitude for creative thinking through design. Evidence can include photographic essays, photographs of executed works of visual art, prose, published writing, graphic design, records of multi-media design and design processes from other disciplines. This material should be incorporated into the personal statement and presented in an A4 or A3 format.


原稿:我对艺术的兴趣开始于我的高中,高二的时候,通过一次偶然的机会,我参加了学校的绘画课程,接触了素描以及水彩。随着技巧的提升,绘画对象由静物,石膏,逐渐变成了室外的花草树木与自然风光,我开始领略到自然的魅力。然而,真正影响我的决定的是我的女朋友,Lisa. 她告诉我她非常的喜欢植物,并且她的梦想是以后能有一个漂亮的后花园。我很喜欢她,所以我决定帮她实现这个梦想,哪怕目前只能画在纸上。然而当时我只是单纯的认为,在花园中加入大量的花草植物,就是美,所以在本科选择专业的时候,我选择了园艺专业,想要在自己家中种许许多多的花草美化生活。但是在学习的过程中我逐渐发现,仅仅是种下许多的花草并不意味着美,一个花园想要美丽,必须要有其内在的逻辑,人与环境的关系,植物与植物的关系,我缺乏对这些方面的了解。我开始觉得我的所学与我的初衷有所不符,我希望成为一名设计师,而不是花匠,于是我尝试着接触了景观设计。
译稿:My interests in art started in my senior high school. In the second year of my senior high school, I participated in the painting course by a chance and came into contact with pencil sketch and watercolor. With the improvement of my skills, the objects in my painting had gradually changed from inanimate objects like gypsum to plants and trees and natural sceneries and I started to enjoy the charm of nature. However, the one who truly influenced my decision was my girlfriend Lisa, who told me that she liked plants very much and dreamt of having a beautiful backyard garden. I decided to help fulfill her dream because of my deep love for her, even if I could only draw it on paper. At that time, however, I thought that beauty was adding a large number of flowers and plants, hence I chose gardening as my undergraduate major, hoping to grow many flowers and plants at home to embellish our life. But I gradually found out in the learning process that beauty cannot be achieved simply by that. In order for a garden to be beautiful, it must have its inherent logic, namely the relationship between human and environment and the relationship among plants, which I were not very clear about. I started to feel that what I have learnt did not agree with my original intention. I wanted to become a designer, not a gardener. As a consequence, I tried to reach out to landscape design.

译稿:During my undergraduate years, I took up some foundation courses in design major, such as Design Basis and CAD Drafter. These courses were not much interesting, but very useful. The course work of Plane Composition helped me understand how to seek inspiration from life and obtain my own design language and taught me how to think in a designer’s logic thinking. Later, I also took up some courses that require design work, such as Plant Landscaping and Ornamental Horticulture. Take Plant Landscaping for example, we chose a belt-shaped park next to a housing estate and transformed it. I started to realize that it was not so easy to become a designer. First of all, you need to make field visit to the site and learn about surrounding environment. Through field visit, I noticed that most of the residents nearby were workers of a theatre and most of them were retired elderly people. However, there were not much activity areas for them in the park and the existing green belt next to the commercial street was blocking the sight and traffic. Through all aspects of research and analysis, I got to know that there were many contradictions in the site. Based on these contradictions, we worked out the functional requirements of the site and then gave out our scheme. Before this, these contradictions were all the problems I had never thought of. After learning these courses, I felt that I was closer to my dream.

原稿:在毕业后这一年的时间,我并没有闲着,除了准备托福考试外,我知道通过那些辅修课程我仅仅了解了景观设计的皮毛,还不足以成为一名设计师。于是我在北京服装学院的景观专业进行旁听,学习了景观史,建筑史等一些课程,并且得到了一位老师的帮助。在他的引导下, 我开始思考一些问题。众所周知,现在在设计方面,西方国家毫无疑问是领先于中国的,但是我曾经在一些设计网站上看到有不少很先进的西式设计项目在中国被实施,那些项目的想法非常精妙,建设也非常到位,但是偏偏在中国出现了低使用率与无人维护导致的损坏问题,于是某个我个人非常喜欢的设计仅仅在上海的街头存在了一两年后就被重新改造了。我很好奇,我一直以为通过先进的西方设计来改变中国的钢筋丛林的现状是正确的道路,但是就此看来,仅仅生搬硬套西方的设计模式在中国是行不通的,我需要更深层次的了解设计的意义与设计的技术,再结合中国的现状,作出合适的设计。
译稿:In the year after graduation, I was not idle. Apart from preparing for TOEFL, I knew that the subsidiary courses only offered me a little bit of landscape design, which was not enough for me to become a designer. Therefore, I sit in on the landscape major of Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology. I studied Landscape History, History of Architecture and some other courses and got some help from a teacher. Under his guidance, I started to think about some questions. As we all know, western countries are undoubtedly ahead of China in terms of design. I had seen on some websites concerning design that many advanced western design projects were applied in China. The ideas of those projects were very delicate and the constructions were also in place, but there happened to be problems concerning low utilization rate and damages caused by the lack of maintenance. As a consequence, one of the design I liked very much was transformed only after sitting in the street of Shanghai for a year or two. I was very curious because I had always believed it was the right way to improve current situation of concrete jungle in China with advanced western designs. However, as it turned out, it was not working. We need to further understand the significance and technology of design and combine with current status of China in order to make appropriate design.

译稿:However, I know that the knowledge I’ve learnt is far less than enough and can only make me an undergraduate. With such knowledge, I can only make an ordinary garden, but not a satisfactory work. Consequently, I choose to study abroad for further knowledge of landscape. As far as I know, the landscape design major in your university is one of the best in Australia, so I hope to have the opportunity to study and conduct research here in order to gradually improve my level. This is not only for the purpose of building a garden and realizing her dream in those days, but also to make the design that can survive in China today. Therefore, I sincerely hope your school can help me a bit on my way towards my dream.

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